Dear Potential Resident,

When you are ready to make a commitment to make Oak Ridge Place your home, you will need to complete both the Credit & Personal Information, and Application for Rental Occupancy forms. These online forms can be found at the bottom of this page.  An explanation of the process is listed below.  Management approval of the results of the report is necessary before your lease can be signed or a move in date confirmed.    

 Rental Application / Credit and Personal Information

* $35.00 cost to prospective tenant — if two tenants in one apartment, then each will pay the $35.00.  If the report comes back with satisfactory history, then the cost of the report will be credited to the first month’s billing statement. If the report comes back with negative information, the money will not be refunded and tenant will not be allowed to move in.  If the applicant decides not to proceed with moving into Oak Ridge Place, and the background check has already been run, the $35.00 will not be refunded.

*   All applications must be FULLY completed and signed by prospective tenant.  If any part is not legible or incomplete, it will delay the processing.

*   Oak Ridge cannot discuss the details of the report nor give copies of the report. A copy can be requested from the company that provides us the report.
*   Time can vary, but most reports are completed in 1-2 business days.
*   The Report includes:

  1. Social Security Verification
  2. 10-15 year Previous Address History
  3. Rental Payment History
  4. Multi-State Criminal Background check
  5. Risk Management report (will not be a full credit report)
  6. Sex Offender Search
  7. Court Eviction Search
  8. Federal Level Criminal Search
  9. Rental History References