Welcome to Faribault Senior Living!

A leading provider of relationship-based senior living in the Faribault area.

Home Care Senior Services is proud to manage Faribault Senior Living. Faribault Senior Living was built in Faribault, Minnesota in 2010, opened its doors in April of 2011, and is managed by Home Care Senior Services.  Home Care Senior Services is under the same ownership as Faribault Senior Living and manages several multi-family and senior living buildings.

The Faribault Senior Living and Home Care Senior Services vision evolved from a partnership of four long-term friends. The partners have been self-employed in unrelated businesses most of their working lives, allowing each to bring their varied strengths to the table. Our vision is to own and manage a warm, friendly, and family oriented senior living facilities in a smaller town with rural settings. The primary rule for our buildings is that they are a place that we would live ourselves and be proud to see our family members living in.

Vision and Values

Faribault Senior Living is dedicated to enhancing your independence as well as your overall way of living. We believe that your senior years are very special and you deserve to maintain a healthy balanced senior lifestyle. We provide daily activities for our residents to strengthen mind, body, and spirit. Our planned events welcome family and friends. We believe when you choose Faribault Senior Living for your new home that you become a member of our family and we commit to creating opportunities for meaningful relationships.

Our skilled staff is devoted to providing each resident with the respect, dignity and care needed to make daily living comfortable and safe. They take great pride in their work and approach each resident as an individual and family.  It is truly a privilege to provide such a wonderful opportunity for our seniors. Let us support you and enhance your independence with the warmth and comfort of knowing we are your safety net.  Faribault Senior Living aims to provide a stress free environment that can enhance the quality of your senior years.


Vision – A senior lifestyle to “enhance your independence”.  The goal was to design and build a beautiful yet functional home that meets a variety of needs for our senior community. Faribault Senior Living was proud to open our doors to the Faribault community May 5th 2011.

We have a deep appreciation and respect for Faribault’s local history. We have brought this feel into our building though literature in our library and a series of photos reflecting the rich local history on display.  The strong rural pride of Faribault is recognized and reflected through our facility. We are proud to be part of a community that has so much to offer culturally and historically. It is our sincere desire to provide a home that meets the needs of our senior community as well as giving families the comfort of knowing their loved ones are in a safe, caring environment.

Faribault Management

At Faribault Senior Living, we are committed to providing resident-driven services tailored to you. Our Registered Nurse is available to assess each individual in order to provide a personal care service package that is right for you. If assistance is needed, our staff works with you to design individualized service plans to maintain your independence. We provide a wide range of resident-driven programs, activities and events that encourage participation, health, laughter and lasting memories.

Heather Tesch
Assisted Living Director 
[email protected]
Phone:  (507) 331-6517
Fax:  (507) 331-7252

Calista Vos, RN, BSN
Clinical Nurse Supervisor 
[email protected]
Phone:  (507) 331-6520
Fax:  (507) 331-7252

Arianna Green
Kitchen Supervisor
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Phone:  (507) 331-6514
Fax:  (507) 331-7252

Home Care Senior Services Management

At Faribault Senior Living, our experienced management team is dedicated to providing you with a secure, comfortable home where you can celebrate past memories and create new ones. We are also committed to supporting our caring staff as they work hard to create a friendly, worry-free environment for seniors.

Sarah Valentyn, LALD
Executive Director 
[email protected]

Main Office : 507-331-6510