Visits no longer need to be scheduled.

We can allow up to 25 visitors in our building at a time with a limit of 5 visitors per apartment and visit must not exceed 4 hours.

Visitors must still remain in resident’s apartment during visits or you may go for a walk outside. Visitors are not permitted to walk the halls or use any common spaces at FSL.

Visitors must continue to wear a mask, even when you’re in your loved one’s apartment vaccinated or not.

 If it’s been two weeks since your second dose you no longer need to quarantine if you’re leaving the building for any reason, this also includes hospital stays.

All residents leaving must sign in/out sheet that is located at the front desk.

If a resident is on quarantine or isolation precautions, visits will be suspended.

What will I see when I enter FSL for my visit:

Front door will begin to be unlocked Monday-Friday 8:30am-4pm beginning immediately. After hours you will still need to dial 127# to gain access to the building.

NEW screening station. You must stop at the screening station before going to visit with your loved one.

Visitor must take temperature and fill out sign in sheet entirely

Once you leave your visit, you must sign out to ensure we are properly documenting who’s coming and going and that we do not go over our 25 visitors.